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High-tech bloodhounds unleashed

While the advancement of global positioning system (GPS) technology is a major source of convenience, it is also a cause for concern.

In March 2019, James Muns of La Crosse was arrested under several charges for allegedly stalking and harassing a woman. These charges include two counts of misuse of a GPS device: “place without consent” and “obtain information.” A GPS tracker was found on the victim’s car, where it had allegedly been placed without her knowledge.

Child welfare tops underfunding woes

SHEBOYGAN – The child welfare crisis is the greatest issue facing Sheboygan County – and should be as well for state government.

County Administrator Adam Payne made that statement in his report at the April County Board meeting and supervisors made the same case earlier in the month at their monthly breakfast meeting with local legislators.

One type of private burial allowed

KOHLER — A new ordinance prohibiting most burials of human remains on private property was enacted on March 18 at the monthly village board meeting.

Ordinance No. 2019-3 created a chapter in Kohler’s Municipal Code entitled “Disposition of Human Remains.” The chapter restricts burials on private property. One exception is noted: The burial of “a biodegradable vessel containing human ashes shall be allowed.” The burial of a nonbiodegradable vessel containing human ashes is prohibited.

Future of recycling threatened

In the midst of a worldwide waste crisis, a long-standing Wisconsin law keeps Sheboygan County recycling despite the practice’s loss in profitability.

According to Sheboygan’s Advanced Disposal General Manager Michael Thun, the company is adjusting its pricing models to reflect the current cost of recycling. “We’re anticipating some significant increases from the processors,” Thun said. “You know, Outagamie County was at one time paying $5 for recycling, and now they’re paying $30 a ton to get rid of it. I can’t elaborate too much on it. We have a lot of contract negotiations going on, so I can’t talk about all that, but Outagamie’s public.”

The 1920’s: An era of prostitution, bootlegging, bank robberies, gambling

Disorderly houses, road houses, houses of ill fame, bawdy houses, houses of ill repute, chicken ranches.

These were some names euphemistically used in newspapers of years past to refer to brothels.

Beth Dippel, Executive Director at the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center, recently gave a talk at Generations in Plymouth. Her subject: Sheboygan County Brothels.

“Establishments changed names,” she said. “They changed owners. It really depended on who ran the place.”

Sheboygan holds royal flush of go-green cards

The spotlight is on solar power, water conservation and recycling as Sheboygan nears the end of a five-year quest to go green.At a Common Council meeting on Wednesday, April 3, Sheboygan Sustainability Coordinator Chad Pelishek presented the 2018 annual report on Sheboygan’s steps toward environmental sustainability in partnership with Green Tier.