80-year-old market starts new era of customer food service

MIESFELD’S TRIANGLE MARKET’S latest expansion of 15,000-square-feet, including 5,000-square-feet of retail space, is set to have a grand opening celebration in the spring of 2022.

Four walls have never defined Miesfeld’s Triangle Market. No matter where the local market takes up shop, customers travel far and wide to experience Miesfeld’s quality taste. 

Despite three locations and numerous expansions over the course of the company’s 80-year history, one thing has remained true; Miesfeld’s cares deeply about staying true to their roots by making quality products.

There are many features of the retail store’s expansion, including added grocery options, which allow shoppers the ability to get all the products needed to complete their meals in one stop.

A large focus of the new store is supporting small, local businesses, with an entire section dedicated to Wisconsin-made products. 

Products in the store are carefully selected to provide unique meats, cheeses, and grocery items customers cannot find anywhere else.

The new space also boasts double the meat counter space, a dry-aged beef case with steak options that are aged up to twenty-one days, and an expanded Chef’s Corner with new homemade recipes, and an all-new drive-thru.

According to Owner Richard Sachse, the retail store expansion revolves around Miesfeld’s customers. “Miesfeld’s has seen incredible growth over its 80-year history with many big changes. We are excited to write the next chapter of Miesfeld’s and further offer artisan products to our community and customers. Our customers’ needs and desires are a large focus, and it is our goal that the new expansion gives them a memorable shopping experience each time they enter our doors.”

Owner Chuck Miesfeld shares the same sentiment. “To see Miesfeld’s Market expand and the name carried on exemplifies what my grandfather, father, and myself have worked so hard for over the years. 

“I am excited to see the reaction of our customers when they walk through the doors for the first time. This will be a new shopping experience!” 

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