Picnic table pride

One day Pam Oehldrich and some of her friends went to Vollrath Park to enjoy eating at the food trucks. When they got their food, they all noticed that there were very few places for people to sit and eat. Pam decided to check and see what could be done. She talked with Tech Ed. teachers at Urban, Chris Peterson and Abe Schwinn, Urban’s principal Ted DiStefano, and Joe Kerlin Superintendent of Parks and Forestry. She asked if it would be possible for her to buy materials for the Tech Ed. after-school student group “Jr.Red Raider” to construct a two picnic tables to add to the seating at Vollrath for the food trucks. Everyone was on board and the students built the tables taking a relatively difficult project from start to finish while learning a lot of skills along the way. – Submitted photo

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