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Jori Kapla

COVID-19 emergency poses threat to food security

The COVID-19 public health emergency is creating an urgent food security challenge for households and communities in Wisconsin. Even before the pandemic, one in eleven households in the state were food insecure, meaning they didn’t have assured access to the food they needed. For poor and low-income households, the risk was already much higher. While it’s too soon to know how much worse the situation will get, there are reasons for concern – and for communities, the state, and the nation to take action.

Sheboygan hospitals ‘prepared’ as cases rise nation-wide

Sheboygan’s hospitals say they’re prepared for a potential increase in coronavirus patients.

Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center and Hospital Sisters Health System’s St. Nicholas Hospital didn’t provide specifics into the state of their supplies like facemasks, ventilators, gloves, intensive-care beds and COVID-19 tests, but representatives said they’re monitoring the situation and evaluating how to handle a possible viral outbreak in the Sheboygan area.

Lakeshore Garden Club: A walk with them through time

This is a synopsis of a program presented on February 27, 2020 to commemorate the 71st Anniversary of the Lake Shore Garden Club, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Reference sources included personal interviews, past year books and inquiries with a local historical society. It should be noted that three of the current club members are second-generation members, as their mothers were also club members.