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Jori Kapla

Worst spring ever!!!

North’s softball team has spent plenty of time on its diamond this spring.

The Golden Raiders haven’t had a game, but at least the extra free time allowed them to make improvements to and around the field.

Pet skunk and duck pal can stay

PLYMOUTH — A pet skunk raised, not a stink, but a discussion at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting.

Town Clerk Debra Schwind reported that she had been contacted by a woman who is moving into one of the town’s subdivisions concerning her pet skunk and duck, and whether those would be allowed under town rules.

The Pack did what, and then took who?

Love him or hate him, Green Bay’s selection of quarterback Jordan Love – and the rest of the team’s draft picks for that matter – got Packers’ fans talking. And posting. Tweeting, too.

Jeff Goetz wondered if Green Bay’s general manager threw darts at a board to make his picks and Kyle James claimed the Packers’ president only cares about filling seats.