Pet skunk and duck pal can stay

By Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Beacon staff

PLYMOUTH — A pet skunk raised, not a stink, but a discussion at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting.

Town Clerk Debra Schwind reported that she had been contacted by a woman who is moving into one of the town’s subdivisions concerning her pet skunk and duck, and whether those would be allowed under town rules.

She said the skunk is neutered and de-scented, and is an indoor pet. The owner has a state permit for the pet skunk. Wisconsin is one of 17 states that allow skunks as pets, but requires a state permit.

The property in question does include a chicken coop and a small pond, but is in a residentially-zoned area, Schwind added.

Town Attorney Jim Hughes told the board that the ordinance does not list skunks or ducks as either permitted or banned pets. The language refers only to “small animals commonly found in residences,” he said.

“We could let it go and if it becomes a problem then deal with it under our nuisance ordinance,” Supervisor Glenn Kruschke suggested.

Town Chair Warren Luedke raised the possibility of requiring a conditional use permit for the pets, but Hughes advised that the issue is not addressed under the conditional use permit rules either.

“Why do we need to put restrictions on everything?” Supervisor Roger Rortvedt asked.

“She’s got a permit from the DNR, so it’s not like she’s hoping it’s something nobody knows about,” Luedke observed.

“I think she’s covered her bases as it is and we should let it go,” Supervisor Jack Hanke added.

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