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Jori Kapla

My sister’s overseas view of pandemic

My younger sister arrived in Thailand late last year.

She arrived before any concerns of the coronavirus existed around the world; when Jess left in October, nobody knew what a coronavirus was. But like in America and elsewhere in the world, the coronavirus has thrown Thailand – and my sister’s daily life – into uncertainty.

Hoping for the call of ‘play ball!’

The meeting was the hardest part.

A few hours before the governor announced on March 13 he was shutting down schools, North baseball coach Steve Goes held a voluntary meeting with his team so he could prepare them for what he thought was coming and what inevitably happened: major delays to the start of spring sports.

North, South play the waiting game

Brianna Schaefer was ready to become a pitcher again, but like every spring sport, that has been put on hold.

“It’s kind of depressing,” the South junior said.

Switching positions is nothing new for Schaefer, who was also a pitcher as a freshman before moving to third base in 2019.