Sheboygan hospitals ‘prepared’ as cases rise nation-wide

By Dan Colton
for The Beacon

Sheboygan’s hospitals say they’re prepared for a potential increase in coronavirus patients.

Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center and Hospital Sisters Health System’s St. Nicholas Hospital didn’t provide specifics into the state of their supplies like facemasks, ventilators, gloves, intensive-care beds and COVID-19 tests, but representatives said they’re monitoring the situation and evaluating how to handle a possible viral outbreak in the Sheboygan area.

“I can tell you we are prepared for anything that may come,” said Brianna Wunsch, representative for Memorial Hospital. She declined to comment on the supplies at Memorial and throughout the Aurora health system.

At St. Nicholas, spokesperson Angela Deja provided a written statement but was also unable to comment whether the hospital and its health system were properly equipped and outfitted for COVID-19.

“We are not releasing specific numbers at this time, as these numbers can fluctuate and we do not want to cause confusion,” Deja said in an email.

St. Nicholas Hospital’s statement said, “We are continuously evaluating how to best align our staff and supply resources with the evolving patient demand. We are also continuously assessing the situation to ensure we can meet patient needs, and we are working very closely with public health officials.”

Memorial Hospital’s statement urged people who are experiencing cough and fever to contact a healthcare provider.

“We’ll get you the help you need,” the statement said.

Dr. Raul Mendoza, a pulmonologist with Aurora, issued a statement following Gov. Tony Evers’s order to remain home for all but essential tasks like work, grocery shopping or trips to the doctor.

“The governor is sending a clear message to Wisconsinites that they need to do their part to help stem the spread of the virus,” Mendoza said. “People who embrace social distancing don’t just make themselves safer. They make their relatives and neighbors safer, and importantly, help doctors and nurses across the state at a time when we need all the help we can get.”


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