Diener, Rahn run soccer show

Co-op squad led by two seniors

The two seniors who see playing time for the Lutheran/Christian soccer team contribute in various ways.

“They bring a joy and excitement for playing soccer,” coach Katie Veldkamp said. “Both of them are very dedicated to playing soccer.”

Ambryn Diener, who attends Lutheran, always offers encouragement.

“I sometimes call her our motivational speaker because she’ll share inspirational ideas with our team before games and she’s always positive, always pushing for our team to be better,” Veldkamp said. “She’s a great leader on our team.”

Diener leads with integrity, according to her coach, whether she’s setting up workouts before the season starts or offering constructive statements at halftime.

“They get good feedback on how they can improve on the field, to play better as a team,” Veldkamp said. “They are encouraged to play their best. She helps remind them we always play as a team, and every teammate is important in their role on and off the field.”

Diener credits her leadership role because of her parents, especially her father, who used to coach her in the sport.

“Now he stands on the side and encourages me, helps me out,” she said. “The more I can do that for the team is how I can help the team be more successful.”

Ashley Rahn, who goes to Christian, continues to excel as goalkeeper even though she hadn’t played the position before taking over as a junior.

Rahn, used used to be an outside midfielder, approached Veldkamp before last season to suggest she take over in net after her sister, Isabel, graduated.

“She’s done a great job,” Veldkamp said. “I was excited she was going to try it and right away we could tell that she was promising as a goalie, working really hard and also being coachable, learning how to play the position.”

The coach says she is aggressive, wins balls and makes some really great saves.

“Being a goalie is like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” Rahn said. “Coach Katie is the best coach I have ever had, and she makes me a better goalie, a better teammates and a better person. I am thankful that God has placed me with the girls that make me push to work hard. I am truly going to miss the team a ton.”

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