New daily hot meal delivery planned

Since March of 2020, Fresh Meals On Wheels of Sheboygan County has been doing everything possible to keep the vulnerable population they serve safe from being exposed to COVID-19. This meant changing the organization’s distribution model to weekly delivery of flash-frozen meals, coupled with personal phone calls to ensure all was well at home.

While the variants are keeping the need for safety paramount, the organization will resume daily delivery, barring any unforeseen circumstances, on Monday, September 20. The new daily delivery model will be a hybrid of pre-pandemic daily delivery and the current weekly bulk frozen delivery.   

“We believe that we have learned how to keep the fragile population we feed safe and can do so with certain protocols in place,” said Kelly Anderson, FMOW CEO. “Best practice recommendations include minimizing variables. To that end, we will continue to have volunteers wear masks while delivering meals; limit contact between volunteers and clients as much as possible during delivery; and use only our Meals On Wheels sanitized vehicles for delivery, which means all routes will be picked-up at our facility.”

Meals will be delivered in two shifts: 10 a.m.–noon and 12:15–2:15 p.m. with each person’s delivery time determined by his or her address. Meal recipients will choose one of three delivery options:

Bulk delivery of 3-14 frozen meals delivered Wednesdays at $6.50 per meal.

Daily hot meals (minimum of three days per week) at $6.50 per meal.

A daily hot meal and cold supper meal (minimum of three days per week) at $9.45 per day for both meals.

Those receiving daily delivery may add frozen meals for the weekend at $6.50 per meal, which will be delivered Fridays.

Additional volunteers are needed to cover 14 routes per day and to label bags each morning. Routes will take 1-2 hours to complete and bag labelling takes about an hour. Caring Callers are also needed, as at least 30% of meal recipients will continue with weekly bulk delivery and enjoy friendly phone calls a few times a week.

For more information on volunteering, or to sign up for meals, please contact FMOW at 920-451-7011, email, or visit

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