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Sheboygan County is accepting new UW-Madison Extension Master Gardener Volunteers in 2022. For those that are interested in being a part of the statewide Master Gardener Volunteer program, the first step is to enroll in the online course “Foundations in Horticulture-Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin”.  The next step is to complete the Master Gardener Volunteer “Onboarding Orientation”.

This twelve-part course includes online videos, readings, interactive quizzes and scheduled live Q&A webinars with UW Madison horticulture experts to give participants the best information on improving their gardening skills. This virtual class is designed to be self-paced so participants can fit it into their schedules. The course opens September 13 and runs through December 11. This online class is open to all residents of Wisconsin. Class size is limited to 500 participants and registration closes August 13 or when the class is full.

Foundations in Horticulture (FIH) teaches participants university research-based methods to successfully grow their plants and manage common pests. The course introduces a decision-making framework used by gardeners that focuses on understanding how plants best grow, why pests and problems happen, and how to keep plant problems from happening.

In addition to the Q & As with the Experts, participants receive a complete electronic (PDF) copy of the Foundations in Horticulture training manual.  A bound hardcopy of the manual is available at an additional cost. This is a valuable reference tool to have on the bookshelf.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion and earn up to four continuing education credits (CEU) for certain professional organizations.

Whether you are a beginner, avid gardener or professional, you and your plants will benefit from this course. For more information and to register for the course, visit . For more information on the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, visit  or call the Sheboygan County Extension office at (920) 459-5904.

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