Golf Preview: What’s the weather going to be like?

August and September are usually better than April and May, says Sheboygan co-op golf team

ZJENEEXA VANG is one of the top returners for the Sheboygan co-op golf team. – Photo by Mai Nou Yang

The Sheboygan co-op girls golf team thought their bad-weather days were behind them.

Competing at state last season for the first time since 2011, North/South endured delays because of frost the first day of the meet and lightning on the second.

“At that point, we thought that was going to be the worst,” senior Zjeneexa Vang said.

“But now we’re going to have to get used to it, and that’ll be tough. I think we’ll get through it.”

Practice for the alternative fall season began last week, and early on, the weather was not that enjoyable.

“A lot of us are definitely struggling to adjust to that,” Vang said.

“In the fall, we would have like summer weather still and it’d be really nice. We practiced (Wednesday) and it was actually snowing. We’re getting used to playing with a lot of layers on.”

That day, Vang wore two layers of pants, two tops, a windbreaker and a hat.

“Because it’s so cold, my body is already so stiff,” Vang said. “And with the layers, it’s harder to be a little more flexible with your swing.”

TAYLOR PEPER is another key senior for North-South. – Photo by Jackson Pond

The first match of the year is Wednesday, and Vang admits to paying a little closer attention to weather reports.

“We did see that it was warming up,” she said. “Hopefully it stays that way, but we’re not too sure how Wisconsin weather is. One week it’s super cold and the next week it’s really nice.”

The team, which finished 11th at state and fourth in the Fox River Classic Conference meet, returns all five golfers.

In addition to Vang, senior Taylor Peper, juniors Ava Wittstock and Kenyon Place, and sophomore Hannah Miller return.

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