Soccer Preview: Lots of games in little time for North, South

Welcome to the alternative fall soccer season, where teams like Sheboygan North have nine games in 3½ weeks.

“That’s a lot of soccer in a short period of time,” coach Tim Eirich said.

To make matters worse, the first game is Tuesday, just one day after the entire team practiced together for the first time because of spring break.

“Most teams, I think, are in that spot,” Eirich said.

The coach says he has a nice team that added a couple of talented transfers and brought players up from a successful junior varsity squad.

Senior midfielder Dylan Boerner played at Sheboygan Lutheran last season – he will play at Concordia University Chicago next year – and is a dynamic player who passes well and can shoot, according to his coach.

Junior forward Ian Ramirez was on the JV but is extremely fast and can stretch the field, says Eirich.

Senior Forward Owen Testwuide is another key, and junior goalkeeper Jonah Albsmeier was on varsity last year but missed about four games.

“After his injuries, he had a really nice season,” Eirich said. “His last five games, he really played extremely well.”

The only North player to make all-Fox River Classic Conference last year graduated, however. Ryan Biebel made first team as a defender.


The four all-conference players from 2019 have to replaced, including second-team defender Noah Miesfeld.

But coach Adam Laborde expects Brady Brami, Nolan Blomwillis and Cris Maschio to help fill the void.

“They’ll fill in some leadership roles, too,” he said. “I’m excited about those guys.”

The Redwings, as expected, are chomping at the big to get the season going.

“Their level of excitement and enthusiasm right now is really driving all of us forward because they’re so ready to play, “Laborde said. “They didn’t get their fall season and now that they are actually in the midst of their new season, they are so ready to go.”

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