Code violations cited, invasive species response planned

By David Minor
for The Beacon

The Town of Sheboygan Town Board met on December 17, 2019 at the Town Hall, 1512 N. 40th Street. After approving measures aligning town ordinances with State rules and regulations, Supervisors authorized moving ahead with contract work and directed staff to address property owners’ concerns, including code violations.

An ordinance to amend the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Sheboygan, endorsed by the Town’s Plan Commission, was approved as well as an ordinance to align the Town’s building code with the Wisconsin Administrative Building and Electrical Codes.

Supervisors received and acted on staff reports from concerns doing business with the Town. They awarded at $35,525 contract to Wagner Excavating for work on the Riverwoods Swale Project. Supervisors discussed U. S. Cellular’s plans to modify equipment on the cell tower located in the Town. A proposed change in the water tower and ground space lease was reviewed that would net the Town a revenue increase of approximately $5,000 to $32,325. Supervisors received good news from its 2019 Landfill Gas Migration Monitoring Report where required monitoring is down to six hours per day in the most recent quarter from a high of 24 hours per day.

The Town Board received reports of code violations uncovered by code enforcement officers.  The Board directed staff to send letters to the offending parties advising them of town codes and possible fines for continued non-compliance. Owners of a multi-family unit at 3804-3806 State Highway 42, the Moore Trust, Glenn and Sylvia Moore, were cited for storing unsafe liquids and sub-standard wiring. The property at 3639 Taylor Drive was cited as a non-conforming use. Trucks, trailers and snow removal equipment located on the premises as well as neighbor complaints led code enforcement officers to cite the owner for operating a business a residential area. Certified letters will be sent to the owners along with zoning and property maintenance code information.

Supervisors debated a request from Mike and Linda Weber to post deer crossing signs on Mueller Rd. According to Public Works Director Bill Blashka, there were only four incidents on the Road in the last eight years involving deer, the last being in 2016. By contrast, he noted, there were 30-40 incidents involving deer on Lakeshore Drive, where there are no deer crossing signs. He added the State Department of Transportation is trying to reduce “sign clutter” along state roads.. In the end, Supervisor directed staff to post four new signs, two on Mueller Rd and two on Lakeshore Dr., addressing town resident safety concerns.

Approximately 45 town residents should expect to receive a letter from the Sheboygan County Japanese Knotweed (Phragmites) Control Project asking permission to inventory, treat and monitor this invasive species. There is no cost to the property owner. The project is sponsored by the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Inc.

Administratively, the Board appointed poll workers for 2020-21, approved continuing education for Town Clerk Peggy Fischer and authorized the addition of an official e-mail account for the Town of Sheboygan Fire Department which will be subject to Open Records Law compliance.

Correspondence received by the Board previewed discussion and action items for future meetings. Tom Nye, representing the Blind Horse, sought guidance on waiving noise violations during Ryder Cup dates, September 20-27, 2020. Supervisor James Schwinn plans to attend a meeting with Metro Shore Bus Service where extension of service to stops in the Town will be considered.

The Town Board’s next meeting will be January 21, 2020.


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