Details released of alleged multi-vehicle break-in spree

By Dan Colton
for The Beacon

Three Milwaukee men — arrested after an alleged theft spree — are accused of stealing from six parked cars over the span of a few hours.

During the late-night hours of Nov. 18 and into Nov. 19, the Sheboygan Police Department said 18-year-olds Rodrigo Ruiz, Conrad Perez and Enrique Navarro entered locked and unlocked vehicles at various points around the city.

Among the alleged stolen items were a phone charger, multiple phone charging cords, a wallet, a radar detector, a GPS unit, a vehicle key, a set of keys, a digital camera, vehicle titles and insurance cards, owner’s manuals, a bottle of cologne, an ID badge, maps, a broken bicycle pump, headphones, and a car stereo face plate. 

The six alleged victims were parked along five roads: N. 29th, S. 13th, Jefferson Avenue, Maryland Avenue and two on N. 8th.

Police report at least one of the vehicles was unlocked. At least one of the cars was locked and was allegedly damaged during the break-in, police said.

Authorities announced the arrests early Nov. 19 after the men were confronted by an off-duty officer on N. 25th St., police said. 

Ruiz, Perez and Navarro then fled in a green Jeep, according to police, but the off-duty officer recorded the license plate and vehicle description.

Police said they spotted a matching Jeep parked at the Meijer gas station at around 3 a.m. The three Milwaukee men were discovered inside the vehicle, according to police, and they began to confess when police arrived. 

According to police, the men said Perez and Navarro entered the vehicles while Ruiz remained in the Jeep as their driver.

When asked why they travelled to Sheboygan, Ruiz responded that Milwaukee is a poor city, according to a criminal complaint.

Ruiz is facing six counts of misdemeanor theft – party to a crime, and entry into a locked vehicle – party to a crime, for his role in the alleged spree. He is also charged with bail jumping for allegedly breaking conditions on a bond from a previous case in Milwaukee. He is scheduled for a pre-trail conference Dec. 3.

Perez is charged with theft of movable property under $2,500, five counts of theft of moveable property under $2,500 – party to a crime, and entry into a locked vehicle – party to a crime. He is due in court Dec. 3 for a pre-trial conference.

As of Thursday morning, Navarro was named as a defendant in the criminal complaint but official charges against him were not available.

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