Fantasy world dancers open Kohler guest series

MOMIX is set to open the 2022 Kohler Foundation Distinguished Guest Series Friday, March 4 at Kohler Memorial Theater. – Submitted photo

The Kohler Foundation  Distinguished Guest Series will open the 2022 season with world-renowned movement company, MOMIX Friday, March 4 at 8 p.m. at the Kohler Memorial Theater. 

Founded and directed by choreographer Moses Pendleton, MOMIX is loved and internationally lauded for their imaginative works of astounding physicality.

Choreography, costumes, lights, sets and sounds are cohesively crafted to absorb audiences in their fantasy worlds.

Distinguished Guest Series patrons will experience what the choreographer calls the “stream of unconsciousness.”

MOMIX is based in Connecticut and has performed around the world for the last 40 years.

Ten dancers will be in Kohler presenting some of their best-loved performances from the last four decades under the title of Viva MOMIX.  

Viva MOMIX is a two-act set mixing vignettes from new works with treasured favorites – Botanica (2009), Alchemia (2014), Remix (2011), Opus Cactus (2001) and Lunar Sea (2005).

Pendleton describes Viva MOMIX as a mix of modern dance, circus, and sculpture.

“The idea of MOMIX,” Pendleton said, “is the kind of visual physical theater that employs light and props and the fantastic movements, athletic dance, and music to create an evening of entertainment and other worldliness and amusement and sensuality and all these kinds of things.”

The show contains 20 short pieces, collected from the last 40 years.

“There are vignettes of three to five minutes,” Pendleton said. “Each one is kind of like an ode to MOMIX, a series of dance visual theater odes that are short pieces that have a beginning and middle and end and then you move on to something else. So, it’s, pretty fast moving and as I say, has lots of humor. It’s entertaining.”

Season and individual tickets are available online at or by calling (920) 458-1972 (between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday). 

At the Distinguished Guest Series, Kohler Foundation will require attendees and staff to wear face masks while in the venue and show proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 PCR test result from within 72 hours prior to the performance.

Kohler Foundation Distinguished Guest Series events are being planned at full capacity.  

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