Comfort dog being added to police dept.

ELKHART LAKE – The Police Department will be adding a new, four-legged member.

The Village Board Monday accepted a donation for a police comfort dog for the department, including an extra squad car.

A police comfort dog provides support services for victims and witnesses of traumatic events, people in crisis, and helps children and adults feel more at ease while speaking about difficult topics.

Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Jessica Reilly reported that Police Chief Michael Meeusen was approached by an individual wishing to donate the money needed to finance a comfort dog.

Meeusen researched the program and estimated the annual cost at around $7,000, Reilly said. The chief believes that annual cost can be covered by donations.

The dog will stay at the chief’s home and all officers will be certified to handle it.

“The main idea is to have it at events and up at the schools,” Reilly noted.

Trustee John Schott noted that the program could have an additional benefit for the village with the donation of a car outfitted for the dog.

“That will reduce the amount of hours and miles we would put on our current three vehicles,” Schott said of the additional car.

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