Did you get any of these?

Sports nuts might not even be able to enjoy the following unusual presents

by Dave Boehler
Beacon Sports Editor

Chances are the North Pole has seen some rather interesting returns so far.

Those Christmas presents were likely bought on, which has several “unique gifts for sports lovers.”

For example:

 Toilet putting green

A rug-like ‘green’ is shaped to wrap around the base of a toilet. Feet sit comfortably on the green while using a mini golf putter to hit balls into a cup with a flag.

Baseball glove flask

The Glask is a baseball mitt that has a secret flask within the confines of the glove.

Desktop punching bag

Stick this right to the top of a desk to help relieve stress in the office.

Giant boxing glove 

bean bag chair

It’s made from genuine cow leather but apparently ships with no ‘beans’ in it to save on cost.

Rock climbing wall in a pool

Made by a company called Aquaclimb, it’s a transparent climbing surface with a stainless steel frame. If you fall, you just land right into the water.

Zombie head bowling ball

This was actually made for a marketing campaign for a German horror TV channel and features all sorts of gross heads that literally covers the entire ball.


The Original Snot Mittens are for those who spend time running, hiking or skiing in the winter and don’t want to pack tissues. 

TV beer mug

For people who take a sip of beer and the TV gets blocked from their view, this mug is slanted in on one side as to not block your vision while drinking from it.

Soccer kicking coin bank

Why place a coin through a slot on the back of a pig when one can use this? Place a coin in a little holder on the top of the device and push down. A player will run up the the nickel or dime and kick it into a goal.

Beer Pong golf

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Instead of throwing bags into one hole, chip a golf ball into several cups.

Football made from recycled keys

A real-size football is formed by attaching old keys together.

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