Madison never looked so good

State tourneys return to normal

NORTH’S Hannah Miller (left) and Amy Wittstock were glad to be in Madison. – Submitted photo

Two state tournaments returned to Madison – and in the fall – last week, and five North girls couldn’t have been happier: golfers Ava Wittstock and Hannah Miller, and tennis players Louisa Damkot, Estelle Leonhard and Emily Fisher.

“It was kind of bizarre and it was a fast transition,” Miller said. “But it was nice everything went back to normal pretty fast, so it felt good to have a normal high school season.”

Last year, state tennis was April 22-23 in Lake Geneva because Madison did not allow its tournaments to be held there because of the pandemic.

“This year was way better,” Leonhard said. “It was definitely more official because last year we got stuck outside and it was freezing.”

Fisher agreed.

“It was definitely a really cool experience,” she said. “It was indoors and everyone was surrounding you, watching you and cheering you on. It definitely was a cool experience. It was something I’ve never experienced before.”

SO WERE Estelle Leonhard (left), Louisa Damkot (center) and Emily Fisher. – Submitted photo

State golf was held May 17-18 at Blackwolf Run.

“I think just being (in Madison) was a great experience,” Miller said. “It was nice to be back in Madison like it was my freshman year. I enjoyed beingdown there.”

This year, golfers returned to University Ridge and the two-day event wrapped up last Tuesday.

Wittstock, a senior, tied for 17th with a 159.

“I think I did pretty good,” she said. “There’s always going to be parts you wish you did better on and that you could improve on, but I think I did pretty good considering the rain (the first day).”

Miller, a junior, tied for 41 st with a 173.

It was both their third trip to state, and even though Wittstock graduates, she has no plans to stop golfing anytime soon.

“I definitely will play forever,” she said. “It’s a forever sport for me. I love the game, love everything having to do with it, love the people that are involved in it.”

The tennis tournament was back at Nielsen Stadium on the UW campus on Thursday. Fisher has watched state action before, but never played in the building that houses 12 courts.

“It’s definitely very intimidating,” she said. “But once you get on the court and start hitting, you feel more comfortable. I think before when I was up there, it didn’t seem so huge and so intimidating. Actually being on the court was a really interesting and fun experience – something I’ll always remember.”

Fisher and Leonhard, both seniors, finished with a 22-6 record after losing their first-round doubles match.

Damkot, another senior, completed her fourth year on varsity by also losing in the first round to end with a 15-7 mark.

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