Don’t bother Hopp, he’s busy


Sam Hopp is receiving quite the introduction to coaching.

Hopp was hired to run the tennis program at his alma mater, Sheboygan North, and held his first boys practice on Monday – just 11 days after his first girls season wrapped up. His brother is getting married later this month and then Hopp graduates from UW-Whitewater.

“It’s a lot of craziness, a lot of really compact stuff,” he said. “But it’s really fun, considering we had a year with not much stuff going on. Even though it’s crazy, it’s fun to get back to it, especially when it’s all stuff I want to be doing.”

And in June, Hopp turns his attention to the tennis program at the Sheboygan Recreation Department.

“I’ll be pretty busy with that as well,” he said.



Senior Ted Wind and junior Jasper Delasanta advanced to the 2019 Division 1 state tournament in 2019, and senior Connor Cleveland earned all-conference honorable mention at No. 3 doubles. Sam Hopp begins his first season as coach.



Stu Stempihar is the new coach for the Redwings. The 1983 South graduate took up the sport when his daughterjoined the program as a freshman in 2012. He became an assistant coach two years ago and wants to teach his team an aggressive style of play. “I like to see my players coming to the net,” he said. “But it’s something they need to feel comfortable with.

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