Sheboygan band’s new album four years in production

“After some deep hibernation over the last several years, we are excited to share new music this spring.”

So says Erik Neave, of the Sheboygan-based band, Cedarwell.

Neave adds, “The digital version of our eight-song album will be released April 2. A vinyl release will follow later this summer. Hopefully, by then, touring will be safer, and people will be able to see and hear us in person!”  

Cedarwell is a song-centered, three-piece rock band from the Midwest.  Erik G. Neave writes intricate lyrics, augmented by Jeff Patlingrao’s spacetime-bending electric guitar work and driven by Jared Beckman’s distinctive stand-up drum style.

Cedarwell’s forthcoming album is titled Dia Luein. Because of physical distance between each band member, and COVID-19 life in general, band members could only work on the album a few days out of each year since 2016. Finally, after four years of remote collaboration, the band saw their project perfected and completed in 2020.

The result of that process was a batch of eight songs that span great emotional, geographic, and narrative distance — songs covering the simplicity of single life for young adults; the excitement of new love and fatherhood; the devastation and confusion resulting from separation in its myriad forms. Other themes address leaving; returning; the searching for birth and life — finding it, but finding, too, the shadowy fringes of death and loss.

The entire album was recorded at Honeytone in Neenah, WI,  a world class studio built inside a beautiful victorian mansion.

Two songs from the album can be heard at Bandcap:

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