To the editor: Support history museum

I’m writing to urge others to join me in supporting the Wisconsin Historical Society’s plan to build a new state history museum.

Over 175 years, the Society has established relationships with over 300 local history organizations, including many in our area.

Anybody who has visited our wonderful historic site Wade House knows how seriously the Society takes our history and how well it tells our stories. I trust them completely.

This modern new museum will provide the platform to elevate and amplify our stories like never before.

The people, small businesses, manufacturers, and industries of our part of the state have been essential to Wisconsin’s success.

Our rural communities are the backbone of our state and our cultural along with art organizations enhance our quality of life.

The Society understands this and their world-renowned collections can tell these stories in ways.

Thanks to preservation conditions only available in the new museum, the public will finally be able to enjoy these amazing objects.

And thanks to new digital distance learning technology, people in all 72 counties will be able to connect with the museum.

This means that, while the museum may be in Madison, those unable to travel will still benefit from it.

It will be a museum for everyone, everywhere. It will unite our state through our shared history.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have the nation’s best state historical society here in Wisconsin.

It’s time for us to have a history museum equal in stature.

Terri Yoho


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