To the editor: Invest

Congress just passed a relief bill, but short-term relief is not enough — we need longer term investment in good jobs for all.

There are millions of us looking for good work, and so much good work that needs to be done.

It will take millions of people to build a new energy grid, care for older folks, teach little kids, restore parks and buildings that have fallen into disrepair, and do the work of building happy, healthy communities.

This year, we can put millions of people back to work in good paying jobs building a sustainable, just, and people-centered economy.

We also need to see to It that future pandemic outbreaks are dealt with swiftly, intelligently and scientifically, before they devolve into far more deadlier crises.

Congress must deliver at the scale of the crises we face. Our communities, our climate, our democracy cannot afford delay or compromise.

We need our elected representatives to commit to fighting for a historic economic recovery of at least $10 trillion to create millions of good jobs stopping the climate crisis and building a new, people-centered economy before the end of Biden’s first 100 days.

I am certain that Senators Fitzgerald and Grothman will agree with me that bold actions are necessary to protect our people from future tragedies like what befell us during the last year.

Graham Rhoads
Random Lake

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  1. The bill that Congress just passed is not a “relief bill” for We the People. It is a pork barrel for the Democrat Congress.

    The writer suggests that we “invest” more; which is a code-word for spending the taxpayer’s money. Yet it isn’t even the taxpayer’s money. YET. It will be up to our grandchildren to figure out how to pay off the new $1.9 Trillion that was just voted on. Now the same officials are requesting ANOTHER $3 Trillion! This would be added to our present debt of over $28 Trillion!

    Mr. Rhoads suggests we need to spend at least another $10 Trillion before the end of Biden’s first 100 days. Why stop there? Let’s just make it $100 Trillion or $1000 Trillion and then they won’t need to keep asking for more. After all, it is all fake money anyway. If we are trying to crash the economy using the fake climate crisis, why not do it sooner?

    By the way, Mr. Rhoads, Scott Fitzgerald and Glenn Grothman are CONGRESSMEN; not Senators. Our Senators are Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson. It appears your understanding of civics is not much better than your grasp of economics.

    One Trillion Dollars [Visualized] – YouTube

    Above gives one a visual of how much $1 Trillion dollars is. It is incomprehensible and unsustainable.

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