Court Report – Mar 23, 2021


Bresser, Zachary J., 1/1999, Sheboygan, Off Highway Motorcycle /Operate w/o Valid Certificate, $232.00.

Crawford, Matthew A., 3/1990, Sheboygan, Off Highway Motorcycle /Operate w/o Valid Certificate, $232.00.

Dzafo, Sanjin, 4/1973, Sheboygan, Retail Theft, $389.50.

Grimm, Stephen J., 10/9/1963, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, $556.50.

Kolosso, Isebella K., 8/30/2021, Sheboygan, Battery, $114.50.

Medina-Fonseca Jr., Carlos E., 9/3/2001, Sheboygan, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana (<25 gm), $535.00.

Payne, Cameron U., 11/1976, Sheboygan, Damage to Property, $389.50.

Schmitt, Skyla R., 2/2003, Sheboygan, Trespass to Land, $279.50.

Forfeitures and Traffic

Aguillion, Angel A., 9/1994, Milwaukee, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer (Forfeiture), Speeding on Freeway (25-29 mph), Operate while Revoked (Traffic), $891.30.

Christel, Emilion X., 10/2002, Sheboygan, Possession of Marijuana (<25 gm), (Forfeiture), Operate w/o Valid License (Traffic), $590.00.

Kaesermann, Austin B., 11/2000, Sheboygan, Possession of Marijuana (<25 gm) (Forfeiture), Operate while Suspended, (Traffic), $590.00.

Reyes Reyes, Francisco A., 7/1997, Random Lake, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer (Forefeiture), Operate w/o Valid License, Operate after Revocation/Suspension of Registration, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance (Traffic), $968.80.


Jefferson, Amanda L., 6/1/1985, Sheboygan, Retail Theft-Intentionally Take <$500, Jail 60 days, $465.00.

Martin, Matthew P., 5/22/1981, Sheboygan, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, $898.00.

Pano, Alexander, 6/19/1991, Sheboygan, Intentionally Mistreat Animals, Jail 30 days (stayed), $455.00.

Voight, Antonio T., 6/1/1995, Sheboygan, Carry Concealed Weapon, Disorderly Conduct while Armed, Jail 90 days, $898.00.

Disorderly Conduct

Konaha, Jeffrey M., 2/16/1985, Sheboygan, Community Service 30 hours, $880.00.

Ware Jr., Rickey C., 2/23/1979, Sheboygan, Jail 3 days, $591.00.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Perez, Felipe A., 3/19/2003, Sheboygan, Burglary-Building/Dwelling (Felony), Disorderly Conduct (Misdemeanor), Jail 15 months, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $1,003.00.


Colon Jr., George L., 2/25/1999, Sheboygan, 3rd Degree Sexual Assault, Prison 2 years, Extended supervision 2 years, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $546.40.

Martin, Matthew P., 5/22/1981, Sheboygan, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possess Controlled Substance, $898.00.

Schroeder, Kevin C., 2/4/1956, Sheboygan, Escape-Criminal Arrest, Jail 8 days, $530.00.

Yang, Chou, 7/7/1972, Possession of Methamphetamine, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, Jail 90 days, $530.00.


Crusoe, Yashnay D., 6/25/1993, Sheboygan, Neglecting a Child (Harm did not Occur), $654.00.

Hed, Justin A., 4/19/2002, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct (Domestic Abuse), Jail 45 days (imposed and stayed), $555.00.

Licari, Curtis L., 1151976, Sheboygan, Possession of THC (2 counts), Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, Jail 45 days (stayed), $4,291.00.

Shaeffer, Samuel E., 8/1/1979, Sheboygan, Battery (Domestic Abuse), Disorderly Conduct (Domestic Abuse), $1250.00.

Wilson, Matthew R., 7/14/1967, Sheboygan, Criminal Trespass to Dwelling, Theft-Moveable Property <$2500, (Repeater), Jail 141 days (Time served), $908.00.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Ostermann, Craig R., 8/6/1981, Sheboygan, Battery (Misdemeanor), Possession of THC (2nd +) (Felony), Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $1,085.00.


Maxey, Sebastian D., 9/1/1990, Sheboygan, Manufacture/Deliver Methamphetamine (>50 g), Jail 1 year, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $546.40.

Senkbeil, Andrea J., 4/19/1984, Sheboygan, Theft-Moveable Property (Special Facts)-2 counts, Jail 60 days (stayed), Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $1058.00.

Wiarek Jr., Duane M., 9/4/1981, Sheboygan, Possession of THC (2nd Offense), Jail 60 days, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $887.15.

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