12 days, 2 holes-in-one

MATT SCHROEDER (second from right) got his first hole-in-one with his parents and brother. – Submitted photo

There is a downside to recording two holes-in-one in a span of 12 days.

“There’s an unwritten rule in golf when you get a hole-in-one you’ve got to buy the bar drinks,” Matt Schroeder said. “So that was a pretty expensive tab because it was during a big tournament.”

The 2013 Sheboygan South graduate, who lives in Falls, had never had a hole-in-one before.

Now he’s got two.

And both were at the same course (Riverdale Country Club) and the same hole (No. 5).

The first happened Sept. 12 during the Dusty Knaus Memorial.

“I didn’t really believe it because the people in front of me on the next tee box were screaming that it went in, and I knew the guy,” Schroeder said.

And when he approached the hole?

“I was just in shock,” he said. “They were both unbelievable.”

The second came Sept. 24 while golfing with his brother and friend.

“We actually thought my buddy hit the hole-in-one, but when I got up to the hole, it was my ball,” Schroeder said.

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