What a catch by 16-year-old

LUCAS MARTIN holds a gigantic King Salmon next to his friend Owen Hayon. – Submitted photo

Sixteen-year-old Lucas Martin recently caught a 34.56-pound King Salmon on the Sheboygan River.

“The run right now is phenomenal,” said his father, Jamie. “They’re catching fish left and right, which we haven’t seen in years. Right now, you look in the river, there’d be 15 little boats going up and down.”

Lucas fished for chinooks with friend Owen Hayon because it is the time of year the fish go up the river to spawn.

They were dropped off and then picked up by Jamie, who believes it is one of the biggest fish caught in Sheboygan.

“I pulled in and he was grinning from ear to ear,” the father said.

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