PHS grad Strahl mentors young duck hunters


The DNR’s Youth Duck Hunt Weekend is coming up, and children 15-and-under can be mentored by Robin Strahl.

The event will be held Sept. 19-20, and this is the fourth year Strahl is participating.

The 2007 Plymouth graduate. who lives in Cascade, says satisfaction comes from getting youth outdoors to experience the things that most people do not get to see.

“Like very few people get to see a migration of bluebills that go across the bay of Green Bay,” Strahl said. “Very few people get to see tornadoes of mallards come into public land and land into a 20-by-20 pothole. Just the overall getting to be outside, see the sunrise through cattails and have ducks that fly over your head, and you get to hear their wings and feel the air off their wings come across your head.

“For me, it’s just getting somebody out there to experience the full experience, not just what people like to depict on Facebook and Instagram and whatever other platforms they use where it’s a group of people and a big mound of dead birds. I’m 100% into this sport and it’s for experiencing everything other than things to make you famous on social media.”

Generally, children who participate have minimal to no experience duck hunting, and he says it is his job and responsibility to make sure they know how to do it safely. Strahl adds the best mentoring sessions is when one or both parents accompany the child.

Strahl represents Memphis’ Buck Gardner at various events like Sheboygan Greenwing Day or Wisconsin Learn to Hunt.

“Pretty much anything I can do to promote the sport of duck hunting,” he said.

For more information, contact Strahl at (920) 782-0272 or email him at

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