Coin shortage can help Meals on Wheels

Sheboygan — Traveling along South Taylor Drive, one can’t help but notice the banners, lights and huge, pink pig flying in on the side of the road. They are meant to draw attention, create smiles, and guide drivers to the giant coin bank in the Fresh Meals On Wheels parking lot.

Bank First National, K/P Welding & Fabricating and Fresh Meals On Wheels are working together to get all the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies sitting in people’s change jars back into circulation. The effort is intended to help both local businesses dealing with coin shortages; and homebound, senior and disabled Sheboygan County residents dealing with food insecurity – in a way that brings a smile to people’s faces.

“With the relentless disruption and uncertainty people are faced with these days, we at Fresh Meals On Wheels wanted to create a vibrant, happy spot that would make people smile,” said CEO Kelly Anderson. “So please, be part of the change – nickel and dime Fresh Meals On Wheels, we would greatly appreciate it!”

Fresh Meals On Wheels Board President Saunders Kohn came up with the idea of a coin collection. He and his crew at K/P Welding including Brett Daniels and Nic Vugrinovich designed, engineered, and manufactured the big black bank with a pig on the front that sits in the Fresh Meals On Wheels parking lot near the flying pig. Coins may be dropped off any time day or night.

After the coins are collected, Bank First National will count them and put them back into circulation. The value of the collected coins will be credited to Fresh Meals On Wheels to feed Sheboygan County senior and disabled residents who are most at-risk of COVID-19.

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