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A PICTURE OF Bill Hermann (above) sits in a seat at Miller Park. It was cropped from the picture (below, right)  by Donna Tewelis, who bought the seat for his 50th birthday, and she also has her own cutout at the stadium (below). – Submitted photos

Bill Hermann usually attends 25 Brewers games every summer at Miller Park.

This year, he’ll be at every one of them.

For his 50th birthday, the 1989 North graduate was given a gift to have his picture plastered on the back of a seat in the stadium.

“I loved it,” he said. “I thought it was the coolest present ever.”

You’re welcome, says Donna Tewelis.

The 1990 South graduate, who shares a 20-game season-ticket pack with Hermann and a few others, heard that Major League Baseball stadiums were allowing fans to do this since none of us can actually attend a game in person.

So she found a picture on her phone of Hermann at Miller Park. After cropping out 14 nuns who were standing in a suite behind him, she sent it – along with a $50 payment (a portion of the proceeds go to charity) – to the Brewers.

“That picture was perfect,” Tewelis said. “It’s one of my favorite pictures, so I thought that one was a no-brainer.”

Hermann says he’s been a Brewers fan since he was a kid and his dream is to see Milwaukee win a World Series before he dies. So perhaps the present softened the blow of the season being delayed a few months.

“I was crushed,” Hermann said. “Opening Day is my favorite day of the year, by far. Yeah, I was crushed. But I had a feeling when they cancelled March Madness that it could happen. I’m a big sports guy all the way around, but Opening Day is the biggest day for me.

“That hurt. I had the day off of work, went into office and told them I don’t need it anymore because I’m not doing anything that day.”

Tewelis even bought a cutout for herself a few weeks later, and the two of them are sitting separately somewhere in the 400 level.

Hermann has no idea where he is seated, he just knows it’s an aisle seat because anyone can go to the Brewers website and look at every fan in the stadium.

If I were Hermann, I’d figure out a way to get inside Miller Park, find myself and move my cutout to a front-row seat right behind home plate.

“That would be cool,” he said. “I haven’t really thought about sneaking in.”

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