Sheriff issues statement on immigrant jail policy in advance of planned protest

The following statement was posted on Facebook Wednesday July 8 by Sheboygan County Sheriff Cory Roeseler

I wanted the public to be aware of a scheduled protest on July 10 involving individuals that do not agree with my cooperation policy with immigration officials. 

The scheduled protest on July 10 has nothing to do with racial profiling. All subjects that the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office works with Immigration on would have been in our Detention Center on serious charges.  The Sheriff’s Office does not actively investigate immigration status, but those individuals who are arrested for allegedly committing serious offenses may attract the attention of Immigration and the Sheriff’s Office will work with Immigration just like we work with any other local, state or federal agency.

Individuals with Ice Detainers in our Detention Center are held on allegations of serious charges.  Immigration notifies the Sheriff’s Office that they are investigating the status of persons we have in custody. Once the necessary paperwork is prepared, Immigration sends an agent, usually from Milwaukee or Chicago, to serve a detainer on the subject. Our future involvement is limited to having Correctional Staff trained and empowered to serve that paperwork, thus saving Immigration a trip (saving tax payer dollars). Nothing else changes. 

As the Sheriff of Sheboygan County, I will work within my powers and abilities to make sure our community is safe. These individuals receive due process under the laws of the State of Wisconsin and also are entitled to a hearing once they are released to Immigration. 

Some of these individuals that had Immigration Detainers have lived in our community for several years before committing the serious offense they were being held on.  Some have even had contact with Law Enforcement and our Detention Center in the past and were not investigated by Immigration. 

The following is a list of some of the crimes that individuals committed who previously had ICE Detainers placed on them:

3rd Degree Sexual Assault 

 Intimidation of a victim 

2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child   



 False Imprisonment 

Repeated Sexual Assault of same Child 

 4th Degree Sexual Assault

Exposing Child to Harmful material  

1st Degree Child Sex Assault 

Child Enticement 

 Child Abuse

Numerous Drug offenses 

 2nd Degree Sex Assault (Intoxicated Victim).   

1st Degree Reckless Injury   

Various Drug related offenses 

Numerous other Felony Charges

All of these individuals were accused of committing serious crimes in Sheboygan County.  The legal immigration status of each individual is investigated by Immigration.  None of the subjects were racially profiled.  These individuals were contacted after Law Enforcement received notification of the crimes they committed. Most had previous contact with Law Enforcement or the Detention Center and did not have their immigration status investigated. Not all offenses are investigated by Immigration.

As Sheriff of Sheboygan County, I swore an oath to Protect and Serve the residents of Sheboygan County.  I want our citizens to feel safe, knowing that we are doing everything we can and working with our partners in Law Enforcement to make sure our community is safe.

That being said, on Friday, July 10, there may be protesters who do not like my decision because they have not taken the time to educate themselves on our procedures. Many of these folks may come from out of our county to protest but I know I have the support of our local community and that is what is important.

If you see protesting on Friday, you now have the facts to understand my decision.  Thank you all for your support. 

Cory Roeseler


Sheboygan County

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  1. Thank you Sheriff Roeseler! This truth & clarity of the law & the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Dept. position is deeply appreciated. God Bless & protect all of you 👏🙏🏻🇺🇸👍🤗❤️

  2. Thank you Sheriff Roeseler. I appreciate it that you are upholding the rule of law here. I also appreciate it that you are not bending to suit the political winds. That sort of thing has no place in a free nation.

  3. Thank you for keeping us safe, Sheriff Roeseler. We do not need or want outside influences interfering in Sheboyganites’ affairs.

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