Homes sought for renovation free program

Fountain Park United Methodist Church is working with Group Mission Trips for a Home Repair & Renovation Youth Workcamp for Sheboygan County June 21-27.

Approximately 400 youth and their adult chaperones from all around the country representing numerous Christian denominations will come together for six days to perform hands-on projects for Sheboygan County residents in need.

Project teams can do new construction or repairs to wheelchair ramps, porches and decks; interior & exterior painting; light carpentry, weatherization, minor roof repair and much more.

This work is available for the elderly, disabled, or low income home owners for no cost.

All sites are monitored by experienced contractors and all projects will meet local city, village and township building codes.

Numerous local businesses are supporting this project financially to help supply the needs of the building projects.  In addition donations of tools, ladders and other equipment will be supplied by volunteers.

Residents to not have to be concerned about suppling material or tools.  Youth campers also pay their way to participate in this camp.

Each Workcamp offers more than 12,000 volunteer labor hours with a value of over $100,000 benefitting communities all over the United States. This is meaningful in making improvements to neighborhoods and residents’ homes.  Plus it also gives hope to those who may have serious situations.

Group Mission Trips have racked up more than 14 million hours of serving people in need since 1990. They serve in partnership with a community organization(s), such as Fountain Park UMC.

Beyond the physical transformation that happens with the homes, it is also about what happens within the hearts of each person.

A resident may be given new hope that they may safely leave their residence because they have a newly constructed porch or wheelchair ramp. These are a few of the experiences that keep Group Missions passionate about what they do.

Project Chairperson, Lisa Radder, stated that currently they have received approximately 40 applications and are looking for 20-30 more.  The deadline for applications has been extended to February 20th.

For more information you can call Fountain Park UMC at 452-1319 or the work camp committee at 892-0040.  Also visit the church website at:  Applications are also available on the church website.

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