Take these predictions to the bank

Sheboygan’s high school football coaches will try to do it again.

Last year, all three men predicted New England would defeat Los Angeles in the Super Bowl – although no one thought it would be as low scoring as the 13-3 game was.

But hey, who’s complaining?

This year, however, there is a newcomer.

Ryan Eigenberger replaced Chris Zablocki as coach at Kohler/Lutheran/Christian this season – and he’s a Green Bay fan as opposed to the former coach who cheered for the Detroit Lions.

Eigenberger, who actually was born in Germany before his family moved here less than a year later, says his earliest Packers’ memory is watching them beat New England in Super Bowl XXXI.

He was asked to give Green Bay a grade for this past season and said A-/B+.

North’s Joe O’Brien gave the Packers an A-.

“They were not a team that was projected to really do all that well,” he said. “Winning 14 games is not an easy task. Offensively, I thought they were doing some really nice things, especially later in the year. The defense, I thought, was actually even better over the season. Maybe that was the difference.”

South’s Jason Harder’s grade was an A because he did not know if Green Bay would even make the playoffs.

The team did, reaching the NFC Championship game only to get blown out by San Francisco because the Packers could not stop the run and the 49ers’ were more prepared and their offensive line was more physical.

“Sometimes some teams are just playing at a completely different level than other teams,” he said. “It can appear as you’ve got decent talent across the board, but the 49ers are playing with a confidence and at a different level. On Sunday, I don’t know if there’s any other team that would’ve gone in there and beaten them on that particular day. I was hoping they’d have their off day, because every team can have a bad day.”

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Prediction: San Francisco 28, Kansas City 24

“I think the problem is with the Chiefs defense, that’s why I give the edge to the 49ers. … The Chiefs have fallen behind early in the last two games. I think if they fall behind to the 49ers, they won’t be able to come back – at least in the way that they did in the title game.”

Rooting for: Chiefs.

“I think it’s cool seeing Andy Reid and what he’s been able to do. All the new offensive guys are supposed to be young, and here’s Andy Reid whose been around for a long time and still inventing things.”

Jason Harder




Prediction: San Francisco 40, Kansas City 33.

“It’s hard to tell what’s going to happen. I think the 49ers, just the way they’re playing. The difference is the 49ers don’t have to rely on their quarterback to make magical plays, and if they do, he’s good enough to do what he needs to do to help them win. And then their defense is superior. I think the Chiefs will stay in it because they’ve got enough firepower on offense to make some plays.”

Rooting for: Chiefs.

“Because I like Patrick Mahomes. He’s an underdog so I’ll be quietly pulling for them.”

Joe O'Brien




Prediction: San Francisco 31, Kansas City 28

“I think both offenses are doing some pretty cool things right now. They’re both pretty hot and scoring kind of at will.”

Rooting for: 49ers.

“I guess I’m kind of a closest 49ers fan. In the ‘90s I was cheering for Steve Young and Jerry Rice and company.”

Even though he’s an Chicago Bear fan, O’Brien was pulling for Green Bay to beat San Francisco last weekend in the playoffs because his wife is a Packer fan.

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