One game left for Thompson

laine thompson

SOUTH’S LAINE THOMPSON has one more football game left. – Submitted photo

The high school football season has been long over, but Sheboygan South’s Laine Thompson still has one game left.

The junior nose guard/defensive tackle will compete in the USA Football International Bowl at 4 p.m. Wednesday in Arlington, Texas.

The game is held at AT&T Stadium, the same field the Dallas Cowboys use and the Green Bay Packers won their last Super Bowl on.

“All of the amazing things that have happened there … I’m not even sure how to describe it,” he said. “It just feels unreal.”

Thompson, who left for Texas on Friday, attended a regional football camp in Minnesota and was then selected for the game.

He found out at school two months ago.

“I was walking down the halls with one of my friends and I just figured I should check my email,” Thompson said. “I saw that I got invited and I just started jumping up and down in the hallways. I was really excited.”

He says he would also be excited to bump into Mike McCarthy, the former Green Bay coach who was just hired to lead the Cowboys.

“I think I’d shake his hand and say, ‘thank you,’” Thompson said. “Because he was a good coach for awhile and then it just went downhill.”

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