Proposed county budget cuts tax rate for fourth year

The proposed 2020 Sheboygan County Budget will be distributed to the County Board on October 22 and includes a property tax levy increase of 2.41%, or $1,190,690.  The proposed property tax rate is $5.22, a decrease of 1.43%, or 8 cents, from the 2019 rate of $5.30.  As a result, on a $100,000 home, property taxes will decrease $8.  The 2020 budget reflects the 4th consecutive year the property tax rate has gone down.

County Administrator Adam Payne said a key to Sheboygan County’s success is a culture of working together in collaboration.  “The proposed budget reflects tremendous teamwork among County Board Supervisors and staff to be fiscally responsible and continue to provide quality programs and services.  The 2020 budget preserves core services that people need and value the most, such as law enforcement, health and human services, and our transportation system,” Payne said.

In addition to maintaining current programs and services, key components of the budget include:

  • Significant infrastructure improvements at the Sheboygan County Memorial Airport including a U.S. Customs Facility and reconstructed taxiway, upgrading the heating system at the Courthouse, remodeling at the Aging and Disability Resource Center, rebuilding the parking lot at the main Health and Human Services Building, renovating the Law Enforcement indoor range, and a number of enhancements at Rocky Knoll including the addition of a day care center to help recruit and retain staff.
  • Expansion of child welfare, youth justice services, and mental health care services.
  • Increased funding to support alternatives to incarceration
  • A new county-wide financial software system and upgrading information technology.
  • Additional funding in support of administering the 2020 elections
  • Increased recruitment initiatives including pay equity adjustments for correctional officers.

Working together, Payne said that Sheboygan County establishes priorities and has made numerous cost-saving changes over the years.  “We have consolidated a number of areas and are always striving for continuous improvement.  We have healthy fiscal reserves, an excellent bond rating, and hard-working, caring staff providing high quality services,” Payne said.

County Board Chairman Thomas Wegner said the budget process, which officially begins in June, continues to go as smoothly as ever.  “Every year our budget process is very effective.  We establish an overall budget goal, specific department levy targets are set, and we work well together to deliver cost-effective programs and services to our residents,” Wegner said.

Finance Committee Chairman William Goehring is also pleased with the proposed budget.  “Over the last dozen years, the average annual increase in the property tax levy has been 1%.  It demonstrates the strong leadership and teamwork we have in the County,” said Goehring.

Chairman Wegner expressed his appreciation and said every department is contributing to the County’s successful track record.   “The County Administrator, Department Heads and County Board as a whole work well together to reduce unnecessary expenses, establish priorities and find the most efficient ways to provide services,” said Wegner.

County Budget Proposed Budget Summary Graphs 2020The proposed 2020 budget consists of $50,598,151 of property tax levy, and a total budget of $158.5 million.  In addition to the property tax levy, the budget primarily consists of federal, state, and sales tax revenue.  The annual budget supports 19 departments and 850 employees implementing over 200 programs and services.  A public hearing on the proposed 2020 budget will be held on October 29th, with final approval of the budget on November 5th.  All County Board and Committee meetings are open to the public.

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