They did what on their 25th anniversary?

By Dave Boehler
Beacon Sports Editor

PITCHER BRENT SUTER (center) poses with Lisa and Darren Weimanns before a game in St. Louis. – Submitted photo

Some guys wouldn’t even dare ask.

A 25th anniversary trip to see the Milwaukee Brewers in Miami and St. Louis?

“Most other people, yeah, they probably wouldn’t do something like this,” said Sheboygan North assistant volleyball coach Lisa Weimann. “I got the best of both worlds. I got the Brewers and Miami Beach, too.”

The Howards Grove graduate says her family is “really big” into sports, but admits she would get a strange look from others when she told them her plans to attend three baseball games with husband and Sheboygan Lutheran graduate, Darren.

“They’re just like, ‘oh … oh … ok,’” Lisa said. “When I tell everybody, I just have to say we’re really big Brewer fans, so we decided to do this. Otherwise they think we’re crazy.”

For those wondering, no, the Sheboygan residents did not go to Miller Park or Lambeau Field for their honeymoon. They took a cruise to Cozumel and Key West.

They got married in May, but it was hard to get away at time time to celebrate big No. 25.

“We said let’s do something special for our 25-year anniversary,” Darren said. “And we were like, ‘I wonder where the Brewers are.’ So we looked, saw they were going to be in Miami and then St. Louis, ‘why don’t we just follow them for that trip.’

“I just floated the idea and she jumped all over it. … There’s no way we’re going on that trip unless she really wants to go. And she really wanted to go. She’s as big a Brewer and Packer fan as I am. She’s already talking about where to go next year.”

The Weimanns flew to Fort Lauderdale and drove to Miami to spend their first day on the beach.

The famous shops the area is known for was not enticing.

“No, I’m not a shopper,” Lisa said.

The first game was Aug. 11, and any baseball fan knows how few Miami people go.

“Pathetic fan base,” Darren said. “We really felt bad for the Miami players because it’s got to be hard with that being your home crowd. They didn’t even announce the attendance on the scoreboard like they do at Miller Park because they were probably embarrassed to. At both games, 70% were Brewers’ fans. At least 2-to-1 ratio of Brewers’ fans.”

Their seats were in the first row next to Milwaukee’s dugout and Darren even got to film Mike Moustakas going through the gauntlet after hitting a home run.

“Even that section was barely attended,” Darren said. “It’s a beautiful stadium. It’s got a retractable dome and a lot of similarities to Miller Park. It’s very similar to Miller Park. You go there, it’s got the same-type layout.

“But it was great. Anything good that happened to the Brewers, we were able to do a 360 within our seat and get high fives from Brewers’ fans because we were surrounded by them.”

Moustakes also got a base hit later in the game and Darren got his section to sing to Happy Birthday to him while he was on first base.

“Like I said, it was almost all Brewers’ fans, so you could hear it ringing in the whole stadium and he acknowledged us,” Darren said. “So that was pretty cool.”

The Brewers – and the Weimanns – then went to St. Louis.

They unfortunately were at the Cardinals’ 10-0 victory on Aug. 13, which turned out to be Milwaukee’s only loss in a 12-game stretch.

“St. Louis is the exact opposite of Miami,” Darren said. “St. Louis’ stadium was jammed.”

The following night, instead of going to another game – decent seats at a reasonable price are much harder to get than in Miami – the two got a steak dinner at a nice restaurant.

“Of course, when that was done, we went back to the hotel bar and watched the rest of the game,” Darren said.

The couple returned home the following night – after watching the Brewers and Packers on TV near the stadium – packed with memories for a lifetime.

Lisa was asked what hers was.

“Sitting with my best friend and every time the Brewers did something great, turning and high-fiving,” she said. “We do that at home, but just being able to spend time with him and enjoying doing something we love, and doing it together. It was just an exciting trip.”

Her husband agreed.

“Twenty-five years is a long time to be married, and we’ve had our ups and downs like every other couple,” he said. “As hectic as our lives are – we’re empty-nesters as both of our girls are out of school – it was the first time in a long time we’ve been able to take a vacation like that for that long, just the two of us, and really be able to focus on each other. We accomplished that.”

And if Milwaukee reaches the playoffs, there’s a good chance you’ll see the Weimanns there, too.

“If we can get tickets, absolutely,” Lisa said.

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