Animal stories translated into funds

SamsonCThe Humane Society of Sheboygan County used many of its secret weapons – furry friends – to help raise money toward its operations and their Build New Beginnings Capital Campaign at its 2019 Unleashed Gala on September 13.

The annual fundraiser for HSSC at The Berkshire drew more than 200 Sheboygan-area guests and featured many adopted shelter pets. One of the stars of the show, emceed by Barbie Walker, was Samson, who just last October was found shot not once, but 3 times because he “wasn’t listening” to his owner.

Upon being seized and turned over to HSSC, he underwent surgery to repair his face, leg, and chest wounds. Bone, tooth, and bullet fragments were removed from his mouth, and holes in his tongue, nose, jaw, and chest were stapled shut. The pain and fear that poor Samson had dealt with is undeniable, but what surprised everyone the most was the trust and love he continued to show toward humans after his brutal attack.

After recovering, Samson was with the Humane Society of Sheboygan County for just under a year, where he went through training classes and received lots of love and attention from HSSC’s dedicated staff and volunteers. In May of this year, Samson found his forever home with his new parents, Cassandra and Manuel.

Samson is just one of many dogs whose lives and stories are changed because of the work HSSC does. The financial support generated from the Unleashed Gala will continue to provide lifesaving services for animals with nowhere else to turn and to build a community that values animals and treats them with respect and kindness.

To donate visit and help HSSC continue their mission to prevent cruelty to animals, relieve suffering among animals, and extend humane education.

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