Russian Christmas in July

Fountain Park United Methodist Church

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Vacation Bible school for children in the northern area of the Volgograd Region -Submitted photo

Pastor Warren Waddell has been going to Russia since 2014, at least once per year, to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of the Volgograd region in southern Russia. 

Volgograd is the new name for the city of Stalingrad, and was the last stand of the Russian army during World War II against Germany.  Almost all of the city was destroyed at that time as hundreds of thousands of men died on both sides while trying to get control of that city.

There was a 70 year void of religion in Russia during the communistic regimes, but with the Iron Curtain coming down in the late 1980’s Russia has been opened up for the people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Christianity had been present before communism, but most of the faithful people were put to death, either by arrest and hard labor in Siberia, or through hardship and persecution.  With the possibility of Christianity being allowed back into the country, there is great work that needs to be done.  Truly, “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Luke 10:2). 

There are 93 people groups in Russia with a population of over 141.6 million people.  Of these demographics there are 91 unreached people groups equaling over 141.5 million people who have not heard the message of Salvation of Jesus Christ.  That’s a lot of people to share Jesus with.  So the work is ongoing and needed.

This year our team of 4-5 will reach out to leaders within the Christian Church of Russia to help support their efforts to reach this massive number of people who are yet unexposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We will be working in Moscow and Volgograd to encourage pastors and leaders within the Christian churches to help them share their faith in ways that will attract people to Jesus.  As Americans, we are limited to what we can to with regard to evangelism because of the “anti-terror” laws that took place in 2016, so we focus on training and supporting new leaders within the Russian people to do the work for Jesus Christ in their own country.

While so many have not yet heard of Jesus Christ, those who come to know Him are very excited about sharing Him with those around them.  

The Russian Christmas in July fundraising dinner will take place at 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of Fountain Park United Methodist Church, 828 Erie Avenue, Sheboygan.  The menu includes many new year’s favorites of people in Eastern Europe and Western Russia. Pastor Warren Waddell will be talking about the results of our trips to Volgograd Region following the dinner, and sharing some of what we hope to do this year, too.  Reservations are due to the church office by Sunday, July 21, so we will have enough food for everyone.  Folks can call the church office at 920-452-1319 to leave a name, phone number and the number folks in their group attending.

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