River level recedes – for now

THE SHEBOYGAN RIVER’S WATERS are only a few inches below the boardwalk beside the Weather Center Cafe at 809 Riverfront Dr. as of Tuesday, June 25. The waters have receded since Monday, when the river flowed over the boardwalk at this point.

In May, Lakes Michigan and Huron (which share the same water level) missed record high water levels by a very small amount as its fellow Great Lakes Superior and Erie surpassed their biggest May days.

Now, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ most recent forecast for June 21 has Michigan-Huron 1 inch above the highest ever monthly average for June. That record was recorded back in 1986.

According to the current Corps forecast, water levels are expected to rise another inch and last for at least six more months, leaving flood-prone areas vulnerable.

The weekly lake level forecast, updated Fridays, is available at the US Army Corps of Engineers website.

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