Restaurant of the Month: Paradigm, Sheboygan

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Amanda Weber
Personal Chef & Caterer


Front window of Paradigm, North 8th Street in Sheboygan. – Photo by Amanda Weber 

Upon entry to Paradigm coffee and music, you’re immediately hit by the delicious aroma of roasted coffee, an airy creative ambience, and the feeling that you’ve just stumbled on something truly special. Paradigm wears many hats throughout the week with breakfast, lunch, and dinner only being the start. Live music and plays on the stage and the Local Yocal Markets are just a few reasons this coffeeshop is so unique. Charged with an energy that makes you proud to be a Sheboyganite, Paradigm loves to tell everyone why this town is their favorite.

Paradigm is a coffee shop first and foremost, with delicious beverages ranges from the classics to the distinct. One of the most popular draws of this local hang, however, is the vegan options. Would you like oat milk in your latte? Or maybe a non-dairy milkshake? You can find both at Paradigm! Utilizing Collectivo coffee, a Milwaukee staple, the talented baristas serve up delightful beverages every time!

While coffee is the heart of the operation, the food is the soul. Paradigm’s eclectic crowd can enjoy a menu of thoughtfully prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, composed of local ingredients, and all vegetarian or vegan friendly! The menu, broken into categories like “Sandwiches & Sandwich-like Things” and “Soups & Salads & Other Edibles” includes items that will satisfy the herbivore and omnivore alike! Some of the favorites including the “Betty Burrito” made with rice, beans and roasted sweet potatoes and the “Good Egg” which features their organic egg salad, microgreens, tomato, onion on toasted ciabatta bread. Breakfast is served all day with the top seller being the bagel sandwich. This takes a bagel from Just Bagels in the Bronx NY (they get them shipped in) and grills a fried egg with garlic mayo and sharp cheddar – talk about indulgently delicious! The other favorite on the breakfast menu is only served one day a week and is worth the wait, the French toast. Only served on Sundays it is their best ciabatta bread grilled up and served with real maple syrup. And don’t think if you are here between meals you will get away with only coffee because you have to get past the pastry counter before you order. With rotating sweet and savory treats this is a tempting place to stand. With quite a few gluten-friendly and vegan options, everyone will find something to love!

Paradigm has been an area hang out since 2006 and for very good reason. They have made it their mission to foster good vibes and creativity throughout the community in every form. Supporting this locally owned business that is so proud to call Sheboygan home makes me happy that this is my home too!



Coffee art in Sheboygan. – Photo by Amanda Weber

Paradigm is located at 1202 N 8th Street

Uptown, Sheboygan


Tuesday – Friday 7:30am – 9pm

Saturday – Sunday 8am – 9pm

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