Redwing Pride honors presented to South students

South recently hosted the 2019 Redwing Pride Assembly to honor many students and staff members at South High School.  The awards included areas of academics, athletics, and fine arts.  The following is a list of honorees:

South Forensics State Champions              Kobe Bopha – Oral Interp of Lit.Jackson Wolff – Faraggo South Music Exemplary Performance Awards               Ian Zempel – Musical Vocal Solo Sam Kaffine – Drum Set Solo Melany Rice – Flute Solo

Greta Thoreson – French Horn Solo Greta Thoreson – Piano Solo  Kongmeng Yang & Emily Edson – Trumpet Duet South Track State Qualifers    Brock Kovacic – Pole Vault Savannah Ellis – Pole VaultAustin Boeldt – 400m & 800m

LTC Promise Opportunity ScholarshipJorge Ignacio, Cade Livermore, Joanna Morales, Kate Peter, Cheng Xiong

LTC Promise Scholarship             Nicholas Gamez, Brenda Garcia, Julian Martinez, Flor Serna,          Pa Chia Thao, Eddie Vang

Acuity – John Signer ScholarshipBrenna McDonough

Top 4-Year Redwing Female Athlete          Helen Flynn

4-Years of Athletic Excellence – Females  Amy Pfile, Savannah Ellis

Top 4-Year Redwing Male Athlete              Brock Kovacic

4-Years of Athletic Excellence – Males                      Austin Boeldt, Trey Klessig                US Marine Corps – Band Award (Semper Fidelis)            Aliya Hammer

Current Events Award                   Mason McWherter

Psychology Student of the Year AwardBrenda Garcia

21st Century Student Award        Barbara Valdez, Adam Yang

South High Music Department Senior Awards                   Band – Sam Kaffine

Choir – Lauren Pfeifer

Orchestra – Juliet Chang               WIAA Scholar Athlete        Helen Flynn, Brock Kovacic

Edgar Stubenrauch Award            Amy Pfile, Trey Klessig                      Friend of South High                          Craig Mazza

Friend of Athletes Award               amie Berlin                                           James Brookins Award                       Lars Krugel                                    Junior Good Citizen Award                Camila Trimberger

The Jacob Kirschner – Redwing Way Award            Ashley Paltzer                      Dave Cyr Memorial            Nick Larson                   Randy Liebelt Memorial                    Savannah Ellis                                     Art Student of the Year                        Antonio Gambera               Business Student of the Year            Miranda Martin

English Language Learner Student of the Year                   Patao Lor

Family & Consumer Educ. Student of the Year    Savannah Brusse, Brenna McDonough

Health/PE Student of the YearMai Ka Yeng Cha

Language Arts Student of the Year             Camila Trimberger             Math Student of the Year                  Ben Souik

Music Student of the Year            Sam Kaffine                                         Science Student of the Year              Anna Opgenorth

Social Studies Student of the Year              Brenda Garcia

Technology Education Student of the Year                              Benjamin Murphy

World Languages Student of the YearMuhammed Herdic

Senior Red Team                            Austin Boeldt, Savannah Brusse, Anjelika Dombrowski, Savannah Ellis, Helen Flynn, Lejla Ganija, Jaidan Glavan, Ben Hoyt, Trey Klessig, Brock Kovacic, Lars Krugel, Hunter Kuester, Ashlyn Marfilius, Karl Mattern, Kennedy Matuschka, Brenna McDonough, Jonathan Mendez, Nikolas Mersberger, Darahnea Moua, Anna Opgenorth, Ashley Paltzer, Amy Pfile, Ben Souik, Meghann Tuzinkewich

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