One type of private burial allowed

by Luke Ulatowski
For The Beacon

KOHLER — A new ordinance prohibiting most burials of human remains on private property was enacted on March 18 at the monthly village board meeting.

Ordinance No. 2019-3 created a chapter in Kohler’s Municipal Code entitled “Disposition of Human Remains.” The chapter restricts burials on private property. One exception is noted: The burial of “a biodegradable vessel containing human ashes shall be allowed.” The burial of a nonbiodegradable vessel containing human ashes is prohibited.

Residents caught violating the ordinance will be ordered to remove the human remains within 24 hours of notice. Those who do not comply will be fined $10 to $100 along with the cost of prosecution for each violation. Every 24-hour period in which the resident fails to comply constitutes another violation.

The ordinance was presented by Village Trustee and Cemetery Commission member Michael Zimmerman. It states that “the Cemetery Commission has determined it is in the best interest of public health and safety to restrict the disposition of human remains on private property.” The ordinance was signed into action by Board President Thomas Schnettler.

“There was no request for a burial on private land,” Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Cindi Gamb said. “It was just brought to our attention that the Village didn’t have an ordinance regulating this, so we developed one.”

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