Restaurant of the Month: BoMallies, Sheboygan

by Amanda Weber
Personal Chef & Caterer

When you step under the archway to BoMallies hidden entrance, it feels like you are being let in on a secret. A crazy, eclectic, delicious secret. With comic book characters on the walls and the 70’s vibe in the lobby you are never sure what to expect.

When you enter the dining room you are greeted with a small bar to the left and about twelve tables of all shapes, sizes and colors, along with some mismatched chairs.

It is a wonderfully weird escape from so many restaurant dining spaces that make no impact on the senses. There are little personal touches all over the room, such as custom art pieces and childhood mementos, giving the impression you could visit ten times and still not see everything!

The eclectic theme of the dining room is meant to, I think, get you prepared for their incredibly diverse menu.

BoMallies takes fusion cuisine to a whole new delightful level! Placing Korean steak tacos next to crab cakes with a tomato jalapeno remoulade on their menu let me know right away that I was in for a fun experience. BoMallies has what our server described as a “small plates style”. We found that ordering a few dishes for the table to share was the best way to go, so we could enjoy a taste of everything.

Our night started out with their signature margarita, the Fire and Ice. A gold margarita made with grapefruit and cucumber, and a chipotle lime salt rim. We then were given warm focaccia bread with house made pesto while we deliberated over our dinner choices. We went with three different dishes to split between the two of us, the pork and shrimp pot stickers, grilled broccoli mac & cheese, and the bulgogi pork tenderloin.

When we placed the order, our server let us know that the food comes out staggered so we can enjoy each dish while still hot, instead of everything coming together and running the risk of something getting cold on the table.

Our pot stickers were first, and after digging in I thought they would be hard to follow. The savory dumplings had a great balance of the shrimp, pork, and aromatics, but what really blew me away was the side of Asian slaw. The perfect accompaniment to the rich dish.

Bulgogi pork tenderloin. – Photo by Amanda Weber

Next up, the bulgogi pork. This was the table favorite, going as far as us both needing will power not to lick the plate after all the food was gone! The pork was thinly sliced and served with two sauces and a fresh vegetable mixture, this was everything you want in your dinner, sweet, savory, and tart all wrapped in one.

Grilled broccoli mac & cheese. – Photo by Amanda Weber

 Last to take the stage was the grilled broccoli mac & cheese. The cheese sauce cloaking the gemelli pasta was just divine. This was mac & cheese that anyone, kid and adult alike, would love to tuck into after a long day. The addition of the broccoli cut through the richness and was a really pleasant twist.

Although I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the garden entrance to BoMallies in Sheboygan, but after our experience I now know that you shouldn’t underestimate the small restaurant. Dinner at BoMallies will never be just a meal, it will always be an exciting event for your senses!

BoMallies is located at 2427 Calumet Drive in Sheboygan, WI, behind Salon Shibui.

They are open for Dinner Wednesday-Saturday 4:30 to 9pm and Brunch on Sunday open 9am-2pm.

They also operate a food truck of the same name and can be found at Vollrath Park Food Truck Nights on Mondays during the summer.

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