Maple Lanes to close soon

Time is running out to bowl at Maple Lanes.

The 24-lane alley, located at 3017 S. Business Drive, is set to close May 4 after the death of majority owner Royace Prather this past November.

“I’m very sad because I’ve been working here for 20-some years,” said shift manager Ken Feudner. “I was hoping to finish my career up here because I love bowling that much.”

Another Sheboygan resident, Les Bischoff, has been bowling in the Thursday Night American Legion League for several years at Maple Lanes, and it also sponsored his Classic League team.

“It was a great place to stop by to have a burger and fries, grab a couple of beers and enjoy the bowling competition on the lanes,” Bischoff said. “It’s very sad to see the Lanes closing down.”

According to the, league bowlers who are Rewards Card members must redeem all outstanding points by April 30. That is also the final day when bowlers renting lockers have to empty it out and return the key.

Sheboygan is now left with just the 24-lane Lakeshore Lanes, and Falls has Odyssey Fun Center, the website states.

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