Sports, meet The Beacon

By Dave Boehler
Beacon sports editor
Jan. 14, 2019

Well what do we have here?

A sports page? In The Beacon? Devoted to Sheboygan high school sports?


And the plan is to expand the coverage to more than just one page in the coming weeks.

Some are glad.

Some might not care.

Others possibly wonder how or why if The Beacon only comes out every two weeks.

As for the ‘how’ part, the plan is to write feature stories and introduce readers to some of the more interesting athletes around the area – not just the already-known superstars, either.

There will be stories on successful teams as well, but don’t worry, you will not have to read a long recap of a game that was played 15 days ago.

For things like that, the plan is to post items online at our website as often as necessary.

For example, the big North-South basketball games were played Saturday and you can already find stories on them by going to

The easy way to find out when upcoming stories will be posted is to ‘like’ The Beacon’s Facebook page or follow us on Twitter at @SheboyganBeacon and you will be sent links to them as soon as they are posted.

As far as the ‘why’ part, I’ve covered prep sports at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for 20 years and know how important they are to the community.

When I recently replaced long-time Plymouth Review sports editor Greg Ceilly, I had thoughts of expanding into Sheboygan because there seems to be an increasing lack of coverage in the daily paper.

So there you have it.

Hopefully you enjoy it.

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