Free ticket for first responders

All active-duty first responders will receive free entry to the NTT IndyCar Series REV Group Grand Prix June 20-23 at Road America.

Getting smart but acting foolishly: There is a solution

We communicate on smart phones, drive smart cars, make purchases using smart cards and even drink smart water. But, really, how smart are we?

Between college admission and internet privacy scandals, sexual misconduct investigations, stolen trade secrets and the growing concern about how we communicate and connect with each other, technology seems to be outpacing our capacity to understand the most responsible way to use it.  

Vorpahl pitches rare no-hitter for North

The last time North’s baseball team threw a no-hitter was in 2009.

BEN VORPAHL is set to make a pitch during his no-hitter against Bay Port on April 23. – Submitted photo

That changed April 23 when Ben Vorpahl tossed one in a 4-0 victory at Bay Port.

It is also the only shutout of the season for the Golden Raiders.

Child welfare tops underfunding woes

SHEBOYGAN – The child welfare crisis is the greatest issue facing Sheboygan County – and should be as well for state government.

County Administrator Adam Payne made that statement in his report at the April County Board meeting and supervisors made the same case earlier in the month at their monthly breakfast meeting with local legislators.