Court Report – May 16, 2023

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April 24 to April 28, 2023

Revoke Probation

Volgmann, Christopher S., 5/6/1987, Sheboygan, Jail 9 months, Still owes $465.00.


Anjum, Jennifer L., 6/1973, Random Lake, Operate after Revocation/Suspension of Registration, Operate w/o Valid License (1st), $375.80.

Brock, Charity L., 11/1979, Sheboygan, Hit and Run-Property Adjacent to Highway, $263.50.

Escobar-Ramirez, Apolonia I., 8/26/1996, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Carrying License, $217.10.

Howell, Tyler J., 6/2003, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Failure to Keep Vehicle under Control, $614.10.

Johnson, Drew A., 11/1982, Sheboygan, Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed, $213.10.

Johnson, Rebecca A., 6/2001, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $200.50.

Karsak, Mark J., 11/1949, Sheboygan, Fail/Yield Emerging from Non-Highway Access, $175.30.

Schmidt, Erich L., 3/1992, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, $10.00.

Vetter, Connie A., 2/1971, Unsafe Backing of Vehicle, $175.30.

Operating while Suspended

Garcia, Amaris E., 12/1999, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Operate w/o Valid License

Brewer, Kenneth W.L., 8/1989, Sheboygan, (1st), $200.50.

Fernandez, Alejandro E., 7/1996, (1st), Sheboygan, $200.50.

Zapata, Johnathan A., 9/1999, Sheboygan, (1st), $200.50.

Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto

Torres Rodriguez, Jean M., 2/2000, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Speeding on Freeway

Cross, Deanna N., 4/1989, Sheboygan, (16-19 mph), $250.90.

Speeding on Expressway

Jacobs, Lauren Rae, 5/1990, Sheboygan, (25-29 mph), License Suspension 15 days, $301.30.


Barron, Kyle A., 5/20/1990, Sheboygan, Criminal Damage to Property, Disorderly Conduct (Both with Domestic Abuse modifiers), $1,108.00.

Conjurski, Dylan J., 1/21/1995, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct (Domestic Abuse-Modifier), $555.00.

Gruenke, Ryan J., 7/28/1984, Sheboygan, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, Jail 60 days, $455.00.

Hannah, Averell A., 7/4/1998, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct (Domestic Abuse:Repeater), Jail 12 months (imposed/stayed), $555.00.

Maxey, Dale R., 6/21/1969, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct (2 counts-Domestic Abuse Modifier), Theft-Moveable Property <=2500, $1,563.00.

Tappendorf, Audrey A., 11/16/1990, Sheboygan, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, $455.00.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Berry, Kendarius J., 12/20/2001, Sheboygan, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, Battery (Domestic Abuse), (Misdemeanors), Strangulation and Suffocation (Domestic Abuse), Bail Jumping (Felonies), Prison 1 year, Extended Supervision 2 years, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $2,141.00.

Muench, Tabitha K., 5/13/1998, Sheboygan, Possession of THC, Possession of Cocaine/Coca, (3 counts) Prostitution-Non Marital Sexual Intercourse, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, (2 counts), Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, (3 counts) Bail Jumping (4 counts), (Misdemeanors), Bail Jumping -2 counts, (Felony), Prison 2 years, Extended Supervision 3 years, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $7,828.00.


Mertzig, Danielle D., 8/20/1971, Sheboygan, Attempting to take Vehicle w/o Consent and Use of Force, OWI (7th, 8th or 9th), Prison 7 years, Extended Supervision 7 years, 

Passa, Frank L., 2/28/1980, Sheboygan, Possession of Narcotic Drugs, Prison 1 year, Extended Supervision 1 year, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $1,026.40.

May 1 to May 5, 2023

Extradition-Arrest w/o Warrant

Velasco, Victor O., 7/28/1988, Sheboygan, Extradited.


Morgan, Katie L., 3/26/1987, Sheboygan, Petty Theft, $330.50.

Operate Vehicle w/o Park Admission Sticker

Bagemehl, Kathryn J., 10/1965, Sheboygan, $162.70.

Foelske, Michael R., 2/1939, Sheboygan, $162.70.


Boyland, Christopher C. K., 3/1986, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License, $200.50.

Delgado Ramos, Mario A., 10/1989, Sheboygan, Operating while Revoked, (1st), $200.50.

Duhr, Sage A., 8/2003, Sheboygan, Reckless Driving-Endanger Safety, Operate w/o Valid License, $590.00.

Martinez-Marin, Luis F., 9/2/1998, Sheboygan, Hit and Run, $843.00.

Pierce, Linda M., 7/1966, Sheboygan, Fail/Stop for Unloading School Bus, $326.50.

Price, Pereon D., 11/1995, Sheboygan, Speeding on Expressway (20-24 mph), Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, $286.10.

Yang, Va, 1/1986, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, $200.50.

Speeding in 55 mph Zone

Lee, Henry, 9/2000, Sheboygan, (11-15), $175.30.


Gonzalez, Christian L., 12/17/2005, Sheboygan, Sexual Intercourse w/Child 15 or older, Actor under 19, $654.00.

Lee, Houa, 10/27/1985, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct (Domestic Abuse Modifier), $555.00.

Wallace, Charles E., 4/5/1989, Sheboygan, Battery, Disorderly Conduct, (Repeater), Jail 100 days, $898.00.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

White, Corey J., 12/20/1985, Sheboygan, Strangulation and Suffocation (Felony), Disorderly Conduct (Misdemeanor), Jail 9 months, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $989.40.

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