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  1. Cool story but…Ed Asner died nearly 2 years ago at the age of 91. Not ‘a few months ago’ as this article states. Not sure how he could have possibly been aware of – or interested in- Ms. O’Regan’s movie. So let’s not please embellish a story with name dropping, particularly those who are no longer here to support or refute the facts.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. I will update the story once I understand what was intended / how the error was made. -ed.

      • Story corrected. The author incorrectly had Aug. 2022 in mind as Ed Asner’s date of death when he wrote the article.

    • Annie Bertson. Ed Asner died within a couple of months of the reading of the script. I was there and saw him in person
      He was also in a parade in Caldonia MN
      His daughter, Liza, is in the movie and also was in the script reading. This movie has been many years in the making. It is a lovely story. The writer of her own true story is an amazing woman. I honor Jane for her service in the Peace Corps. She was so brave for that service but not mentally or emotionally prepared for what was to come. I think we can all relate to the pain and blessing of a long goodbye. The sharing of this story is a blessing to many of us…we all will find this in some point like it or not

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