Court Report – Sept 20-Oct 3, 2022

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August 29 to September 2, 2022

Revoke Probation

Pantoja, Alex, 3/8/1985, Sheboygan, Prison 2 years, Extended Supervision 2 years, Still owes $56.00. 


Anderson, Jackye L., 2/4/1990, Sheboygan, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, $393.50.

Fischer, Kolin K., 8/2002, Sheboygan, Fail/Have Fire Extinguisher Aboard, $232.00.

Lopez, Nelva, 3/12/1999, Sheboygan, Possession of THC (Ordinance Violation), $330.50.

Perez, Samuel Junior, 8/13/1994, Sheboygan, Violate County Institutional rule, $292.50.

Traffic and other charges

Strong, Steve T., 1/21/1983, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License (2nd within 3 years), (2 counts), Resisting or Obstructing an Officer-(Misdemeanor), $1,353.00.


Glasgow, Nina M., 12/1989, Sheboygan, Speeding on Expressway (16-19 mph), $250.90.

Grunwald, Christine M., 7/1977, Sheboygan, Speeding/55 mph (11-15 mph)-Work Zone, $213.10.

Hirschinger, Brian W., 9/1987, Sheboygan, Failure of Operator to Notify Police of Accident, F Failure to Keep Vehicle under Control, $602.60.

Lopez, Denise A., 10/1991, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Speeding on Freeway (16-19 mph), $451.40. 

Markus, William Lee, 1/25/1987, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License (2nd within 3 years), $442.00.

Moreno, Chavez, Perla J., 1/1992, Sheboygan, Speeding on Freeway (20-24 mph), $276.10. 

Olli, Jayden Mae, 10/2005, Sheboygan, Unsafe Lane Deviation, $175.30.

Rodriguez Lopez, Eduardo E., 4/2000, Sheboygan, Fail/Stop at Stop Sign, $175.30.

Te, Vincent, 3/1990, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, $200.50.

.Xiong, Sue, 6/1999, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $575.30. 


Vang, Yia Vang, 4/12/1983, Sheboygan, (4th), Jail 10 months, License Revoke Lifetime, Ignition Interlock 3 years, $1,856.00.

Waller, Maximillian S., 4/7/1998, Sheboygan, (2nd), Jail 45 days, License Revoke 15 months, Ignition Interlock 15 months, $1,441.00.


Lopez, Nelva, 10/4/1964, Disorderly Conduct, (Domestic Abuse), $705.00.

Luther, Katherine E., 9/28/1998, Sheboygan, Possession of THC, Jail 15 days (stayed), $455.00.

Pickett, James A., 5/19/1985, Disorderly Conduct (2 counts), Battery, Jail 60 days, $1357.00.

Sherman, Jennifer E., 3/6/1988, Sheboygan, Retail Theft-Intentionally Take (<=$500) (3 counts), Jail 30 days, $1,539.50.


Jones, Javin A., 8/8/1994, Sheboygan, 2nd Degree Sexual Assault-Intoxicated Victim, 2nd Degree Sexual Assault-Unconscious Victim, Prison 15 years, Extended Supervision 10 years, Sex Offender Registration, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $1,137.80.

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