Court Report – Cases filed July 5-8, 2022


Bies, Benjamin B., 11/1982, Sheboygan Falls, Possession of Marijuana (<25 gm), $389.50.

Venzke, Christopher M., 12/1986, Sheboygan Falls, Disorderly Conduct, $326.50.


Agnew, Reginald Lee, 5/1973, Sheboygan, Speeding in Alley, (1-10 mph), $301.30.

Becerra, Martin, 3/1989, Sheboygan, Failure to Keep Vehicle under Control, Operate w/o Valid License b/c Expiration, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $576.30.

Hall, Matthew M., 7/1984, Sheboygan, Illegal Passing of School Bus Reported, $326.50.

Howard, Nashon D., 10/1997, Sheboygan, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $375.80.

Kanzelberger, Amanda Lynn, 11/1978, Sheboygan Falls, Fail/Yield/Uncontrolled T Intersection (Resulting Great Bodily Harm), $767.50.

Lor, Hang P., 4/1979, Sheboygan, Operating w/PAC >=0.08<0.15 (1st), License Revoke 8 months, Ignition Interlock 12 months, $1,002.50.

Maldonado Sanchez, Christopher, 2/1996, Sheboygan, Fail/Stop for Unloading School Bus, $326.50.

Mitchell, Brandon Lee, 5/1988, Sheboygan, Unsafe Cutting when Passing, $232.00.

Reindl, Carol L., 11/1963, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Operate w/o Valid License, (1st), $401.00.

Reinl, William C., 7/1938, Sheboygan, Unlawful U/Y Turn-Erected Signs, $175.30. 

Risenhoover, Michelle M., 10/1970, Oostburg, Failure to Obey Traffic Officer/Signal, $175.30.

Vang, Kong Meng, 5/1967, Sheboygan, Failure to Keep Vehicle under Control, $213.10.

Vann, Ronnie B., 1/1994, Sheboygan, Operating while Suspended, Speeding on Expressway (20-24 mph), $476.60.

Operating while Suspended

Avila, Lorenzo R., 10/1994, Sheboygan Falls, $200.50.

Curry, Tyree D.J., 2/1988, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Smith, Taylor J., 4/1996, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Operate w/o Valid License

Seney, Billie Jo, 6/1973, Sheboygan, (1st), $200.50.

Operate a Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance

Warne, Jerrica A., 8/1986, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto

Sabrowsky, David E., 10/1995, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Speeding in 55 mph Zone

Herrera, Jonathan, 7/1995, Sheboygan, (20-24 mph), $225.70.

Kimme, Jason J., 3/1975, Sheboygan, (11-15 mph), $175.30.

Speeding on Freeway

Czisny, Nathan C., 10/1995, Sheboygan, (20-24 mph), $276.10.

Harris, Delores A., 3/1997, Sheboygan, (11-15 mph), $200.50.

Harmon, Kelsey R., 2/1992, Sheboygan, (11-15 mph), $200.50.

Vang, Kei, 5/1987, Sheboygan, (11-15 mph), $200.50.

Speeding on Expressway

Valdez, Dominic T., 7/1999, Sheboygan, (11-15 mph), $200.50.

Williams, Ashley A., 11/1991, Sheboygan, (16-19 mph), $276.10


Howell, Timothy M., 7/19/1988, Sheboygan, Possession of Cocaine/Coca, Possession of THC, Possession of Controlled Substance, $1,341.00.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Reynoso, Rafael, 11/23/1980, Sheboygan, Bail Jumping (Felony) [27 counts] False Imprisonment (Domestic Abuse-Repeater), Disorderly Conduct [2 counts], Battery, [Domestic Abuse -Repeater] (Misdemeanors), Prison 17 years, Extended Supervision 13 years, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $16,087.80.

Skattum, David A., 9/25/1972, Sheboygan, Possession of Methamphetamine (Felony), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, (Misdemeanors), Jail 6 months (stayed), $1,416.00.


Razo, Jose A., 10/8/1975, Sheboygan, Manufacture/Deliver THC (<200 gm)[Possession with Intent to Deliver/Distribute Controlled Substance on or Near School], Maintain Drug Trafficking Place, Possession w/Intent-THC )>200-1000 g), Prison 2 years, Extended Supervision 2 years, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $2,084.00.

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