Suscha is second in county tennis

North’s Alex Suscha finished second in the boys 18s advanced division in the Doug Opel Memorial – Sheboygan County Junior Tennis Tournament. Almost 70 junior players participated in eight divisions.


10s Division: 6-8 year old 

1st – Blane Kraszewski

2nd – Landon Selle

10s Division: 9-10 year old 

1st – Ava Wetenkamp

2nd – Tatum Balderrama

3rd – Clay Kraszewski

Mixed 12s Intermediate

1st – Aaryan Singh

2nd – Connor O’Reilly

Mixed 12s Advanced

1st — Aayush Singh

2nd — Claire Villwock

Mixed 14s Open

1st – Prisha Singh

2nd – Griffin McGarry

Consolation – Thea Bates

Girls 16s Open

1st – Layan Manasrah

2nd – Elizabeth Jelinek

Boys 16s Open

1st – Ayden Knuth

2nd – Oliver Quintero

Consolation – Ty Smith

Boys 18s Advanced

1st – Jaren Baltus

2nd – Alex Suscha

Consolation – Leo Lara

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